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No set hours.  Come when it's right for you.
One-on One Instruction &  Personal Studio Space.

Apprentices of Rees Atelier get 24 hour access to the building, so they can work when the time is right for them.  If you can only spare a few hours a week, our Academy Curriculum might be right for you.  If it's time for your life to be about art, dive into our Deeper Study Curriculum and spend as much time as you like at the atelier.

Apprentices are guaranteed a certain amount of one-on-one time each week*, as well as a personal studio space*.  In addition, all apprentices are given access to our atelier video library, which includes hundreds of hours of lectures, demonstrations, and assignment instructions. 

*Amount of one-on-one time and studio size are determined by tuition cost.

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Call, text, or email to schedule a visit!

Rees Atelier is ARC Approved!

With our students switching to full time and working hard, they've been producing great works!  See them on our gallery page....

Use a personal studio space to follow a classical curriculum with critique by an award-winning artist! The low cost options are great for part time and full time students alike.

See What Our Students Have Been Making!

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1833 W Main St, Suite 115-116
Mesa, AZ 85201

TEL: 480.519.1476
EMAIL: info@ReesAtelier.com


Please call, text or email to schedule a visit!

Apprenticeships available at Rees Atelier


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