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A Deeper Study


Apprentices must commit to at leaset 4 months of study (for 5x10 and 10x12' studios) or 1 year of study (for 20x20' studio).

The cost of tuition determines the guaranteed one-on-one time and studio size*:


5x10' studio, 10 minutes one-on-one time per week.  $137.50/month        $550/   4 months

10x12' sudio, 20 minutes on-on-one time per week.  $250/month              $1000/  4 months

20x20'studio, 30 minutes on-on-one time per week.  $585/month               $7020/  year


*cost of Apprenticeship tuition subject to change after relocation of studio

Apprenticeships Remaining:     (20x20' Studio):      0


                                                 (10x12' Studio):       0


                                                 (5x10' Studio):         0

To be put on a waiting list or to receive more information about apprenticeship, please contact  Payment options are available.

Portion of resident 350 square foot studio with clean artificial light

Resident 100 square foot studio with north light (space also has 98 CRI artificial fluorescent)

Resident 100 square foot studio with north light (space also has 98 CRI artificial fluorescent)

How does the Apprenticeship work?

Overview.  There is no set class time for the apprenticeship program at Rees Atelier.  Students can come to the studio as much or as as little each week as they desire to work. Timothy is available to meet with students Monday-Friday 8am-9am (as well as some occasional additional hours) for critique, advice, personal demonstrations, etc.  Apprenctices are encouraged to follow the Academy Curriclum (for those able to commit less hours of study) and the Deeper Study Curriculum (for those able to commit full time hours).  All of the lectures, demonstrations, and assignement instructions have been filmed, and students are ecnouraged to watch these assignments (at home or in the studio), then ask any questions or for critiques as they complete these assignments. 


Hours of Study. The recommended hours for full time study in the studio are 8am to 4pm, but because apprentices have a key to the studio, they are permitted to come and work whenever they desire.   


Live Models. Because of the cost and scheduling format of the apprenticeship at Rees Atelier, we no longer provide models with the included tuition price. Students are encouraged to use some or all of the saved tuition money ($1025/term from the original apprenticeship tuition) to higher their own model (or share with another apprentice) to complete the Deeper Study Curriculim. 


One on One Time: Apprentices are guaranteed a certain amount of personal, one-on-one instruction time each week.  If an apprentice elects to not use their time, it goes to the first apprentice who requests it.  Because some apprentices request little or no instruction time each week, large amounts of one-on-one time is available for questions, demonstrations, or critiques.  To ensure everyone has a fair opportunity to receive instruction during available time, a scheduling app is used by apprentices.  The amount of guaranteed one-on-one time is determined by the tuition rate (this also determines the size of the apprentices studio). Students can break it up into several smaller meetings (ex: 5 minutes each) or a larger meeting (ex: 30 minutes). For those wanting more full time study/instruction, it is recommended to elect for more one-on-one time/larger studio option.  For those pursuing a part time study, it is recommended to elect for less one-on-one time/smaller studio option.


Additional Learning.  In addition to the guaranteed one-on-one time, students are permitted to (quietly) observe Timothy work in his studio.  It is also encouraged to seek out the critique and advice of senior apprentices.  Professional artists frequently visit the studio, providing extra opportunities to learn from professionals and observe them work. 


Studio Size.  Apprentices are given a personal studio space to leave their work set up, store supplies, etc.  The sizes available are 5x10' (can have multiples, ex: 5x10', 10x10', 15x10', 20x10'), 10x12', and 20x20'.   The 10x12' spaces have north light, all other spaces have 98CRI 5000k artificial Flourescent bullbs.  Studios range from 16 foot ceilings (5x10' studios) to 12 foot ceilings (larger than 5x10' studios). Included in the studio, students are supplied with an easel and a toboret.  All other furniture is optional and up to the apprentice.  The cost of tuition elected determines the size of the studio, as well as the guaranteed one-on-one time with Timothy.

Apprenticeship at Rees Atelier

An apprenticeship at Rees Atelier is a return to the historical method of education.  Apprentices are given a personal studio space, a key for 24 hour access to facility to work on assignments and projects, and scheduled one-on-one time with Timothy Rees for help, critique, or general questions on all topics, from materials to suggested direction of study to entering the professional market. Apprentices are often invited to view many additional demonstrations, such as stretching large canvases, building sets, drawing, painting, and more.  Aside from working on their own, they are invited to watch Timothy work in the studio as he completes his own paintings and drawings. The goal is to advance the apprentice's education while preparing them for a career as a realistic fine artist, giving them a dedicated place of study.

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