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    Rees Atelier goes Full-Time!

    Headline in a glance:

             A full-time program is now offered.  It meets Monday-Friday from 12-6pm. Cost: $1000 for 10 weeks
             The Academy allows you to now pick your days!  Tues, Wed, or Fri (pick 2) 3-6pm! $550 for 10 weeks
    Rees Atelier Goes Full Time!
    We are pleased to announce the beginning of our FULL-TIME program at Rees Atelier!  Open to only 6 students, the full-time program combines the curriculum of the successful Academy program with the tradition of working side by side with the instructor full time.  Students will work from the model 3 hours each day followed by 3 hours of work from master copies and still life.  All levels are combined in this program, and each student has assignments specific to their current level.
    We currently have 5 of the 6 full time spots filled, so if a full-time approach to study sounds best for you, contact us right away!  The introductory price of the 10-week block is $1000 (fees included).  Beginning in the new year, a model fee may also be added to the tuition cost (ranging between $300-500 per term).
                -Every level begins working with a figure model right away, Mon-Fri, 12-3pm*.
    -Each student meets afterwards from 3pm-6pm to study Bargue Plates, Casts, Still Life, Master Copies, or the current term’s lecture course (included in tuition cost).
    -Drawing and Painting are both offered, but only under the guidance and recommendation of the instructor. Those requiring more time to develop drawing skills may do considerably more drawing than painting in the full-time program.
    -Advancement through the curriculum is determined by instructor.
    *Thursday’s model session is from 9am-12pm
    Our Academy Program Just Got Better!
             The Academy program has blown its flexibility wide open!  Students can now start ANY week, and their tuition is good for the next 3 months!  That means if you have vacation planned, there’s no need to wait for a new term.  You can miss up to 3 weeks during the term and still get 10 weeks of great instruction! 
                Not only that, you can now pick which days you want to come class!  For the rest of 2017, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Fridays are open.  Just pick two of those days, and come in from 3pm-6pm for class*.  It’s the same great curriculum, but better for your schedule.  And starting in January of 2018, you can pick any day between Monday and Friday from 3-6pm!
    *LEC200, the anatomy lecture class, is a set time Thursday from 12-2pm.  Don’t miss out on your chance for anatomy- it won’t be offered again for another year!



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